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About Us

About Us


Purpose and Mission

The Home Builders Association of Middle Georgia is a non-profit organization which is comprised of professionals in all branches of the build-ing industry. The purpose of this group is to bring home ownership within the reach of every family in this area of Middle Georgia and to further high standards of professionalism and methods among its members. The Home Builders Association of Middle Georgia maintains a membership of approximately 135 member firms, made up of those who actually build and those businesses in related industries. The organization serves as the united voice for the building industry in this area.

This professional trade association was organized in 1955 to help local builders and others involved with home construction to better contend with their problems through collective action and better address issues critical to the survival and success of the industry. There are many regula-tions and requirements as well as legislative goals that are of interest and concern. Some of these include building codes, licensing, mortgage, finance, and environmental issues. The ongoing educational opportunities and seminars offered through the Home Builders Association of Mid-dle Georgia provide our members with opportunities to discuss and develop solutions to their concerns and problems within an action-oriented organization. We seek to strengthen our relationships with city and county planning commissions and other rulemaking bodies to assure that our member’s interest are represented and protected. As a result of responsible representation, officials have come to seek the advice and coopera-tion from the Association in regard to these and many other vital activities.

An important by-product of the Association lies with the fellowship and good will generated during exchanges of ideas at meetings and the inter-esting programs presented. Our Association serves as an open forum for builders and related industry professionals to meet, to exchange infor-mation about industry opportunities and trends, to network their business with other members and to recognize the success of each other.

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